As a group, Brigid Collins staff are tenacious, optimistic,
enthusiastic, passionate, flexible, good-humored, and
actively contribute to a culture of appreciation.

Our work and culture is guided by our commitment to our BC Principles, a living document
that represents our mission, values and work as an institution of teaching and learning. 





Byron Manering, MSW 
Executive Director
Byron Manering began his tenure as director of Brigid Collins Family Support Center in 1994.       He has a Masters in Social Work from the University of Washington. 

Kathleen Roy
Director of Operations

Whatcom Leadership

Megan Brown, LICSW
Program Director

Whatcom Team

Gail Tierney
Children's Advocacy Center Coordinator

Andrea Cavender, MA, LMHCA
Parenting Skills Specialist

Mary Adler, MSW, LASW
Parenting Skills Specialist

          Cheryl Greninger
          Parenting Skills Specialist

                                                                                  Jason Davis
          Advanced Family Support Team                   Case Manager

           Linda Saucedo
           Familia Latina Specialist &                                      Family Support Team Case Manager

           Broderick McElroy                                                    Family Support Team Case Manager

Bonnie Breitman, MA
Recovery Support Program Case Manager

Susie Specter, LMHCA
Family Support Team Program Coordinator

Ingrid Robinson, MA, LMCHA
Recovery Support Program Coordinator

          Megan Herdeman
          Recovery Support Program Case Manager 

Alexis Harden
Family Support Professional

Susan Mahar
Family Support Professional

Geneva Graham                                                                                                                                     Family Support Professional

Cristi Garner
Administrative Assistant

          Molly Conlee
          Administrative Assistant

Andy Stampley
Administrative Assistant

          Wes Withrow
          Administrative Associate

          Rosemary Webb
          Accounting Specialist

                       Melissa Pickel
                       Grant Coordinator

Kelsey Donlan                                             Outreach and Development Specialist

          Andrea Harrison, MSW
          Outreach and Development Program Manager    


Skagit Leadership

Elizabeth Morgan, LMHCA
Program Director

  Veronica Lopez
  Program Director

Skagit Team

Adilene Hernandez                              Family Support Professional

Tiffany Roberts
Family Support Professional

Leslie Mingo
Family Support Professional

Charlene McPherson                                            Family Support Professional

Kara Smith
Family Support Professional

Katie MacLaren
Family Support Professional

          Jodi Fraser
          Administrative Assistant