Eradicating child sexual abuse will take all of us.
Brigid Collins is leading the charge. 

As adults, we are responsible for keeping all children safe, yet as we have learned from so many public child sexual abuse scandals, many organizations and individuals are at a loss for how they can protect children within in their care. In 2011, Brigid Collins began a privately funded Prevention Initiative to change community norms to ones that protect children. Our goals:

  1. Create a new standard of practice by partnering with youth-serving organizations to create Adult Child Youth Safety Policies. Utilizing organization-wide policies allows organizations to create a culture that protects children by reducing one-to-one adult-child interactions, establishing codes of conducts and establishes a clear procedure for intervening and reporting violations.

  2. Work closely with local businesses, government officials and community leaders to obtain endorsements and buy-in for the Prevention Initiative. Endorsements provide leverage and leadership, signaling to the community as a whole that we will not tolerate a community that fails to protect children.

  3. Train 10,000 individuals by January 1, 2020 as Stewards of Children. This training, developed by Darkness to Light, is shown to change attitudes, increase knowledge and protect children.


7,992 trained Stewards of Children

80% of the way to our goal of 10,000 by 2020

Total trained as Stewards of Children