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Parenting is no easy task! We are here to help!

In a world of conflicting advice and never-ending demands on our time,
it can seem next to impossible for families to know what's best for their children.
Brigid Collins is pleased to offer a monthly series of parenting seminars for parents,
grandparents, families and friends of children, aimed at supporting positive parenting
and tackling tricky issues like managing children's anxiety and teaching responsibility.

Evidence-informed seminars (all led by experienced, highly-trained parenting coaches) are held
each 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month from 5:30 to 7:30pm at Brigid Collins in Bellingham. 

Consultation, coaching and other intensive services will also be available for families,
with a free one-on-one consultation. For more information or questions, contact
Megan Brown Douglas, MSW, LICSW, at (360) 734-4616 or
Fill out the form below to register for a seminar today!


September 26 - Positive Parenting: The Teen Years
Learn effective tools for strengthening relationships with teenagers and increasing safe, healthy and compliant behaviors. Appropriate for parents of teens. $15


October 10 - Raising Confident, Competent Children
How do children learn responsibility and respect? Learn to boost your child’s self-esteem and encourage independence. Appropriate for parents of children up to age 12. $15

October 24 - Myth Busters: The Truth About Teen Behavior

Explore the teenage brain and gain insight into how their brain development impacts decision-making and relationships. It’s not as simple as we sometimes think! Appropriate for parents of teens. $15


November 14 - Raising Resilient Children
What is emotional resilience? Learn how to teach your child to cope with the ups and downs of life. Appropriate for parents of children up to age 12. $15

November 21 - Thriving Teens: Building Blocks for Success

Find out through the lens of developmental assets what environmental supports and experiences make all the difference. What research says may surprise you! Appropriate for parents of teens. $15


December 12 - Coping with Stress
Learn techniques to manage day-to-day stress and help you stay calm to consistently apply positive parenting strategies. Appropriate for parents of all ages. $15

All seminars are held at Brigid Collins Family Support Center located at 1231 N. Garden Street #200 in Bellingham from
5:30 - 7:30pm. If you would like to attend more than one seminar, please register for each of them separately.
An online payment option is available after you register. Scholarships are available to those who qualify - call to find out more!

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$15 fee for each attendee. An online payment option will open after you register for your seminar.

If you're having difficulties registering online, you may also call (360) 734-4616.