Staff Updates

June 2019 | Welcome New Staff!

We have several new hires in both Whatcom and Skagit locations that we’d like to welcome to Brigid Collins! If you see these individuals, be sure to give them a warm welcome.

Agency Updates

6.24.19 | NEW Overnight Travel Reimbursement Form

Here is the new form to use for overnight travel reimbursement - use this for things like trainings and conferences.

A couple of key things to look for are:

  • Meals will be reimbursed on a per diem basis. You won’t have to turn in receipts for meals.

  • The per diem rate for the city you are traveling to can be found here. Per diem rates are different for different cities.

  • Read the entire form before you travel so that you know what is paid for and what documentation you will need to attach. Expenses can’t be paid without the correct documentation.

It is hoped that the new form is self explanatory. However, the first time you fill one out please discuss with your supervisor if you have questions.

For all other travel, please continue to use the mileage and expense reimbursement forms that you currently use.

6.24.19 | Updated Dress Code

It is time that we revise our old worn out dress code policy. Thanks to the Leadership Team and Dani for their assistance. Please review the revised dress code and let your supervisor know if you have any questions. I so appreciate your professional appearance and know it makes a big difference to our clients, our Board of Directors, and our other guests like donors and legislators who visit our offices.