Brigid Collins is committed to utilizing the arts to empower children, heal families, and bring our community together. 

All children are artists.
The problem is staying an artist when you grow up.
— Pablo Picasso

For too long, the arts have been dismissed as extraneous in the lives of children. Particularly at-risk children and families, art is seen as "nice but not necessary." Yet increasingly neuroscientists and educators are seeing the connection between creativity, problem-solving, resiliency and the Arts.

The Brigid Collins Arts & Healing Project is designed to create a culture shift within Brigid Collins—both within the methods we use to deliver services and within the lives of every person involved with Brigid Collins. 

Changing our culture in this way will have a sustainable, broad and deep ripple effect for all of our families, by helping them recover from trauma, gain new skills, and connect with the broader community. Our vision goes beyond just the families we directly serve. The suffering of children has affected every member of our community, though we often lack the tools to express it's impact.  This project will also provide the community a new outlet to support children and families while helping heal the wounds that have affected us all.