Brigid Collins Family Support Center

Sister Brigid Collins

The late Sister Brigid Collins was, by all accounts, a champion for helping others. She immigrated to the United States from Ireland as a member of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace, a Catholic order focused on achieving peace through social justice.


This order, although not the founding order of St. Joseph Hospital, was key in helping run the hospital for many years, with Sister Brigid serving as an Administrator until 1990. She died unexpectedly, and the loss reverberated throughout the community. The volunteers who created what would become Brigid Collins Family Support Center named the organization in her honor. 

Though our organization has never had a religious affiliation, we are honored to be the namesake of such a tireless champion of children and families.

Watch a short video to learn more about Brigid Collins and her unbending commitment to children and families in our community.

Impact Reports and Financials

Impact Report | 2018

Form 990 | 2017

Brigid Collins Family Support Center is a commitment-based organization causing the end of child abuse. When one child is hurt, it means the child, their family, and our community need healing.

We envision a world that cares for and nurtures all of its children and share a dedication to this vision's fulfillment. We invite others to join us in this work. 

Originally founded in Bellingham, Washington in 1990, Brigid Collins Family Support Center
is the legacy of a core group of volunteers who had a hope of better coordinating the community's response to child sexual abuse. 

Today, we have grown to serve more than 2,000 families each year throughout the Northwest corner of Washington. We continue to carry out our original mission by coordinating the Children's Advocacy Centers in both Whatcom and Skagit Counties and working closely with all local law enforcement jurisdictions, prosecuting attorneys, medical providers, child protection workers and therapists from both counties. 

Our dream has grown. Instead of responding to just child sexual abuse, we have a comprehensive vision of a world in which every child is nurtured and child abuse and neglect cease to exist. 

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